What Are Backlinks and How To Get Them Organically

What are backlinks? 

Backlinks are the links that take you from one page or website to another website’s page. External links, one-way links, inbound links, and incoming links are the same as backlinks. The job of a backlink is to help a website rank higher in search engines such as Google. A higher number of quality backlinks mean higher ranking and more traffic to the website. 

If you want your website to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you need other websites to link to your website, or you can also say that your website needs more backlinks. 

Google measures your website’s worth and ranks it according to the number of backlinks it has. Consider backlinks as votes. The more votes or backlinks your website has, the higher chances of ranking your website on top you have. 

Why Do Backlinks Matter?

To understand why are backlinks a big deal, answer a simple question: Why would someone want to link their article or website to your website or article? 

They would want to link to your website if your website has good content or authentic information that solves a problem for them and they want their readers to check it out as well. This means that your website has good content so Google decides that it deserves to be on top in SERP.

Backlinks are one of the three most significant ways to rank your website according to Google. But your website does not need just any backlinks. It needs relevant and high-quality backlinks. 

The Proper Way to Use Backlinks

Gone are the days when Google let people rank their websites with irrelevant and poor backlinks. Backlinks from untrusted and unrelated websites are called bad backlinks. If you run a cooking website and your website has backlinks from a pet store or a porn website then those bad backlinks are doing more harm than good.

To create successful backlinks that help organically rank your website, there are a few things you need to know:

Look for Guest Posting Websites: Many website owners these days allow you to guest post on their website in exchange for money or sometimes a free article. People charge for guest posts according to their website’s traffic. Websites with higher traffic often charge higher for guest posts. 

Write Crisp Content: If you want to get backlinks, you need to improve your content. People will start linking to your website or articles when your website has quality content that can be of use to their users. Also, if the content is crisp, easy to read, and engaging, more people will start visiting your website.

Use Broken Backlinks: Webpages are constantly edited, removed, and deleted forever but their links exist. Have you ever clicked on a link and could not access the webpage because it was deleted or moved? You can use such missing links as an opportunity to backlink your website or page. 

Find broken links and what the missing webpage was about? Create the content that disappeared. Go up to website owners linking to the lost content and tell them to backlink to your website which has the same or better content. They might happily backlink to your webpage because visitors hate broken links and no webmaster wants to keep broken links. 

Dwight Dawson
Dwight Dawson

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